Where are you located?

While our address is in Jacksonville we are actually in the unincorporated area of Ponta. Ponta falls south of Tyler, east of Jacksonville, and north of Rusk. We are located on the same road as the Cherokee Trace Safari and the farm is not visible from the road.

What is regenerative agriculture?

•Farming in harmony with nature (The way god intended)
•Minimize soil disruption
•Keep soil covered with plants
•Managed animal grazing
•Plant diverse crops
•No synthetic chemicals
•Sequester C02 to maximize soil health
•Conserve water
•Grow healthier fooD

Do you use pesticides/antibiotics?

As a regenerative farm we do not use any pesticides or fertilizers. While we know that antibiotics can be misused we also acknowledge that if an animal is in need of medical care it is our responsibility to help them. If antibiotics must be used the animal is removed from our production stock.